The Mentoring and Trial Practice Program is a workshop experience based upon the principle of learning by doing. A small group of newer attorneys, under the guidance of experienced attorneys, are given a set of facts and proceed to the opening statements, direct and cross examinations and finally the closing arguments for trial before a real federal judge. For more information about the program, please contact one of the program’s co-chairs:


The Antitrust Advisors work to provide education, information, and analysis in the areas of antitrust and trade regulation from the perspectives of plaintiff and defense counsel.  This sub-group fosters discussion and the exchange of information through periodic seminars to update members on developments in the law and changes in the focus of enforcement.  For more information on activities of the Antitrust sub-group:

Matthew Powell
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Norman Ankers
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Bradley Darling

Judicial Liaison

Hon. Elizabeth Stafford
United States District Magistrate Judge