Past Presidents

Covid-19 precluded our gathering in 2020, but the magic of Zoom allowed for the Past Presidents to gather in May of 2021.  This was a very well attended event, but unfortunately we waited until the end of the meeting to take our annual picture.  Names included with pictures below of some of those in attendance.

Many of the Past Presidents were at the DAC on June 7, 2007, to help us celebrate our 50th year of service to the Bench and Bar.

Image from left to right:
Richard T. Tarnas, Christine M. Dowhan-Bailey, Hon. Fred M. Mester, Brian D. Figot, Grant P. Gilezan, Dennis J. Clark, Wallace D. Riley, Hon. Ralph B. Guy, Jr., John P. Mayer, Alan C. Harnisch, Thomas M. Cranmer, Joseph F. Dillon, Charlie R. Rutherford, Russell M. Paquette, Daniel P. Malone, John R. Runyan, Jr., Hon. Virginia M. Morgan, Lawrence G. Campbell, Michael C. Leibson, Richard A. Rossman, and Edward M. Kronk.


The following individuals have served as presidents of the Eastern District of Michigan Chapter. (*deceased)

Hon. Fred W. Kaess*
Fred W. Walker*
Julius K. Kabatsky*
Lawrence J. Verdier*
Wallace D. Riley*
David H. Patton*
David A. Goldman*
Charles R. Rutherford
Russell Paquette*
Hon. George E. Woods*
Norman H. Bimkrant*
Arthur Allan Smith*
John S. Crandall*
Marcel C. Phillips*
Hon. Ralph B. Guy, Jr.
Thomas A. McNish*
Richard T. Tarnas*
Frank L. Zagelmeyer III*
Hon. Fred M. Mester
Joseph F. Dillon
Alan C. Harnisch

Richard A. Rossman
Sheldon S. Toll
Hon. Paul D. Borman
Robert P. Hurlbert
John P. Mayer
Michelle C. Mayes
John R. Runyan, Jr.
Robert E. Forrest
Hon. Maura D. Corrigan
Joel M. Shere
Geneva S. Halliday
Edward M. Kronk
Lawrence G. Campbell
Thomas M. Cranmer
Hon. Virginia M. Morgan
Daniel P. Malone
Michael C. Leibson
Mark Brewer
Thomas W.B. Porter
Brian D. Figot *
Christine Dowhan-Bailey
Dennis J. Clark
Dennis M. Barnes
Julia A. Caroff
Grant P. Gilezan
Hon. Mark A. Goldsmith
Barbara L. McQuade
Elisa Angeli Palizzi
Hon. Laurie J. Michelson
Hon. Michael J. Riordan
Thomas G. McNeill
Michael K. Lee*
Thomas M. Schehr
Kimberly Altman
Susan Fairchild
Jeffery Appel
Saura Sahu
Matthew Lund
Fred K Herrmann
Dan Sharkey
Jennifer Newby