Sustaining Members

We gratefully acknowledge the additional support provided to our Chapter by the following individuals, who opt to renew their membership at the Sustaining Member level of $200 per year.  Sustaining Members are lawyers who not only practice in Federal Court, but are also deeply committed to the educational and benevolent missions of this local bar chapter.  Through their generosity, we are able to fund essential programming and support all of the lawyers practicing in Federal Court throughout the Eastern District of Michigan.  Note that Sustaining Members with an asterisk beside their names are also members of the Court Historical Society

Matthew P. Allen
Christopher Andreoff
Nicholas S. Andrews *
Jeffrey Appel
Alexander A. Ayar *
Terrence G. Berg
Kathleen L. Bogas
Martin Brook
Jeffrey Clark
Michael A. Cox
Thomas W. Cranmer
Chris Darrow
Joseph F. Dillon
Catherine Dobrowitsky *
Christine Dowhan-Bailey
Lisa Dwyer *
Susan Fairchild *
Steve Fishman

Adam Forman
Grant Gilezan
Rodney M. Glusac
Richard D. Grauer
Fred K. Herrmann
J. Michael Huget
Richard Lloyd Hurford
Angela Jackson
Paul H. Johnson, Jr.
Gene Kohut
Susan D. Koval
Courtney Krause
Matt Lund *
Tammy Lundstrom *
Ian Lyngklip
Vanessa M. Mays
Barbara McQuade *
Fred Mester
E. Powell Miller

Douglas Mullkoff
Elisa Angeli Palizzi *
Thomas Paxton
Thomas W.B. Porter
Steven Rhodes *
Michael Riordan
Charles R. Rutherford
Saura James Sahu
Thomas M. Schehr
Patrick Seyferth
Dan Sharkey
Deborah Swedlow
Michael Rataj
Leigh Taggart
James C. Thomas
Matthew L. Turner
Mary Wassel
I. W. Winsten