Gilman Award (Awards Section)

The Leonard R. Gilman Award is given annually to an outstanding practitioner of criminal law who exemplifies the excellence, professionalism, and commitment to public service of Len Gilman, who was U.S. Attorney at the time of his death in 1985. The selection is made by prior recipients of the award, many of whom served with and knew Len. The Award: In Honor of Leonard Gilman, his friend and colleague Alan Gershel wrote of him: “As the United States Attorney he instilled a level of excellence, professionalism and commitment to public service that exists to his day. While most of the prosecutors now in the office never met Lenny, his presence is felt everyday in numerous, often subtle ways. Whether it be in the recognition that depriving a person of his liberty is an awesome responsibility that requires the utmost care or in the treating of others with respect, his influence is never far. “However, it is his strength of character, personality and integrity that we most remember and honor him for. Lenny was the paradigm of what a prosecutor should be. He balanced aggressive advocacy with compassion. Trumanesque in his language and passion, his guiding principle to many a young prosecutor was to do the right thing. In a time when respect is becoming harder to find, he demanded it from those who worked for him. While he always took his work seriously he never took himself too seriously. A smile and self-deprecating sense of humor could disarm the most strong-willed adversary. “Lenny was a determined and passionate competitor, whether on the ballfield or in the courtroom. His ire would be raised not in the losing hut in the failure to try. His character should serve as a beacon, not just for us as lawyers, but as a way of life. “We should look forward each spring to the presentation of this prestigious award as an opportunity to celebrate his life as well as a renewed introspection of our own by asking ourselves whether we have lived up to the ideals of decency, fairness and respect for others that were exemplified so remarkably in the life and character of Len Gilman.”

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