Diversity strengthens the bench and bar of the Eastern District of Michigan and our chapter defines “diversity” as broadly as possible.  Diversity includes race, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, physical stature, type and size of practice, and all of the many other qualities that are part of our community.

Ensuring our diversity is a goal of our Chapter, and to that end our executive board members, co-chairs, and committee members work cooperatively to achieve it.  With the assistance of the Diversity Committee, our entire chapter strives to take diversity matters into account, especially in planning our chapter’s programming by partnering with diversity-focused organizations, including various law-student associations, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee of the Federal Court, and other diversity committees of the state and county bar associations.

While promoting diversity and inclusion is an objective for all in our chapter, the chapter’s Diversity Committee is specifically tasked with spearheading this effort.  Each year, the committee works to organize events aimed at introducing youth from historically underrepresented backgrounds to the legal profession and practice of law. The Diversity Committee also hosts various events which aim to make all practitioners feel comfortable practicing in federal court.

If you are interested in joining the Diversity Committee or otherwise helping the Chapter increase diversity in the legal profession, please contact committee co-chair David Mellem, whose contact information is listed below.


Judicial Liaison(s)
Hon. Elizabeth A. Stafford
United States Magistrate Judge
231 W Lafayette Blvd Rm 619
Detroit, MI  48226
(313) 234-5105

Hon. Brandy McMillion
United States District Judge
231 W Lafayette Blvd Rm tbd
Detroit, MI  48226

(313) 226-9622





Amir El-Aswad
500 Woodward Ave STE 2700
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 234-2756

Felipe Tores
Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office
1441 St Antoine
Detroit, MI  48226
(313) 833-3117