Annual Dinner (Social Section)

The Chapter’s final social event of the fiscal year and is held generally during June of each year. During the Annual Dinner a small amount of time (~5 min) is used to conduct the annual meeting of the organization and we celebrate the important role our Chapter has played and continues to play in serving this District’s bench and bar. The Annual Dinner is also the time at which we honor and thank the federal judiciary in our District for their tremendous service and support of our chapter.

While not a fundraiser, this committee is tasked to pay very close attention to the bottom line of the event and tries hard to minimize expenses and maximize revenues for the future benefit of the chapter’s membership. Like any party for 250-300 people, the Annual Dinner does not just happen. If you would enjoy participating in one of the many supporting roles necessary to the success of this event, please contact committee chairs:

Cynthia Filipovich
Clark Hill PLC
500 Woodward Ave Ste 3500
Detroit, MI 48226-3485

Susan Fairchild
211 W Fort Ste, Suite 2001
Detroit, MI 48226-3485





Mindy Herrmann

FBA Eastern District of Michigan
PO Box 5249
Northville, MI 48167